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▓ //rotten words for dear. ▓
Cosplays, Internets, Sims and Memes
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3rd-Jan-2032 03:47 pm - ▓ //rotten words for dear. ▓
le chat, mignon

†..||..i would like to live forever..||..†
†..||..welcome to my eternity..||..†

I'm Mel, I like trolling and drawing as well as video games.
I like to make friends, because, I like to chat. xD
I also write stories, and always looking for ideas
and critics! c:

5th-Mar-2020 10:45 pm - I made a pretty song.
2nd-May-2010 02:28 pm - R.I.P. hide, Happy Birthday Klaha!
2 MAY 2010
R.I.P. hide

3 MAY 2010


Mel isn't online, since the incident on Friday.
But I know he would have wanted me to post about these days, since it's very important. [:


8th-Mar-2010 10:22 pm(no subject)
le chat, mignon

My life thus far has been mostly a joke.
I've spent so much of my time with digital things, and today I watched little kids playing outside,
and I wondered what I had gotten accomplished. What did I got accomplished, really? I've beaten video games
and scrapped together a few web sites, and established between uke and seme. I can name memes and trolls,
artist names, proxy web-sites, everything.
But...I've done really nothing significant with my life...

Oh, well, enough with the babble! I'm sure one day, when technology takes over the world, I'll be considered a veteran!
In other news, anybody here uses SheezyArt? There's some kind of "adblock party" with users who downloaded
"adblock". Which, it does just that, blocking ads. So now there's a flame roaring across SheezyArt, and someone
claims it's a troll who's hacked as an admin. It's very funny for a troll like myself.
Because he was an idiot and I told him off. .__.
I've been drawing a lot lately, or at least the past day or so, because my erasers are starting to shed everywhere
and I'm running quickly out of graphite and paper. Oh well, this is a good thing, I guess? I also want to buy picture books for school.
I've never really bought them, and I should have because it's a very important thing.
And signing them is always fun, even though it's not necessarily true, the things people write.

Aside from all that, I have testing this week, which also means, hopefully, more art. And maybe I can improve.
I've been motivated to do more digital painting, so let's wait and see, mm? I'll be cramming a lot, tho. :/
I think that's all I have for today. Maybe I'll post some art one of these days? :'D
Wishful thinking!
~Monssieur Cherry xoxoxo
2nd-Mar-2010 05:20 pm(no subject)
I know it's been awhile for an update, but I figured I could squeeze something in, eh? My week thus far hasn't been eventful.
But my weekend was nice; Nonna decided to took us on vacation in Palermo.
While I didn't have much fun, the place is very pretty and it was nice to be away from home.
I also spent all three days away from my computer, so I got a break from that too. And seeing new things and people is always wonderful. <3

But, since I'm back and I've gotten plenty of rest, I have lots of work to do for school and the internet.
I'm working on some recolours of this bitchin' mesh for TS2, and all I need to do is upload a few screenshots
and all will be well. And maybe I won't feel like such a mooch when all I do is take from GoS forums? O well.
I also want to, very badly, redecorate my room. At the moment all is very dark and boring. I want it dark and mysterious!

And maybe my hair, I'm thinking of dying it some new more exciting colour. Either red or blue. However, I need more shampoo to fix my damaged hair, and then I can do whatever I want with it without worrying about killing it so quickly. n__n'

O well, I have a paper to write for a class, and I need to prepare for my performances tomorrow.

~Monssieur Cherry xoxoxoxo

P.S. Wish me luck~
24th-Feb-2010 10:23 pm - rotten words for dear.
For such a long time, I've been unbelievably happy. Everything seemed to fit together like a puzzle.
And now, I've grown angry inside, impatient, uncaring... I've became the very person I dislike.
I wish I knew what keeps changing me. I could then stop it from making me like this, and I could be myself again.
Adrijan has felt very sympathetic toward me because of my testing, and that makes me guilty.
Someone in the house gets in a fight, and I feel it's my fault, even though I've done nothing. u////u
Also, my emotions are very much out of control. Why is this happening?

Oh well, less of the raving, I really don't like going on about myself. >.>
We've had testing at school, and I myself had medical exams. I'm unsure of the results, and so are everybody I know.
I can only hope everything is well, so I can stop having tests and icky dyes and weird medicines.

On a lighter note, I've been (somewhat) playing TinierMe, and I've gotten only a few moneys.
I've really grown out of those games (it's really like Gaia) but I just thought to try it.
The hairs and clothes are actually very cute, and I enjoy playing it.
If only there were things other to do than post forums and play card games. D:

I want to upload more music and sims for everyone, but you all know I'm such a lazy bastard.
And my family as at feud, and likes to take it out on me, so I've refrain from going on the computer
too much... I've gotten lots of good sketches and schoolwork done, however. I've completed a 5-page essay for my sciences class.

I also found a cat (as you know) and named him Sir Lancelot, he is just one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.
He really likes to chase people's feets and try to attack them, which is really funny until it hurts. u///u

I think that's all for me to add today, I haven't had much happen lately, I'll see what happens. c:

~Monssieur Cherry
22nd-Feb-2010 06:55 pm - I MIEI GATTI<3
le chat, mignon

Early yesterday morning as I went outside, I saw a stray cat again, like I had for a long time. I decided that, since it was still outside after so long, that someone had either let him go or lost him. Isn't this so adorable? <3

I've been both very happy and sad lately, what with personal problems, but my friends always being there for me.
I know none of my friends will really read this, but I love you everybody!! My life would be nothing
without you. And Adrijan, I love you so much my dearest. <3333

I finally clicked on a "TinierMe" ad a day or so ago, and signed up for the whole thing.
So far it's much like Gaia, and I've not gotten very fond of it yet, but maybe once I make some friends it will be
more fun, yes? I hope so. u///u

And Adrijan has been very sweet with my lately. I think he's feeling very guitly lately, because
he now caters to everything I want. It's interesting. 8D But hey, I'm not complaining!
And not only have we a new cat, but we also won some money! About 8000€! So now, I've
been promised that PS3 I've been eyeing so deliciously. c:

Ahh, my friends, I believe that is all I have for you today, bare with my laziness. I have major
testing this week!

~Monssieur Cherry xoxoxo
19th-Feb-2010 08:00 pm(no subject)

I'm finally home, after spending a week out for treatments.
And naturally, I was very happy to see Adrijan and speak with my friends, but...
I'm very dissatisfied with my life right now. I don't know what my problem is, but I feel very unmotivated.
I'm not depressed, because every day I'm happy to get up and go out and talk with people.
I enjoy my life with my friends and at school, but when I get home, I want everyone to leave me alone.
And I'm in love, and I don't know why. I'm happy! I don't need more complication!

And now I rant to everyone, as Your Humble Narrator, like some little emo kid.
I'm not emo. Far from it. >.> And nonetheless, I'm jealous of a lot of people,
and I try not to be. Jealousy is unhappiness!
My relationships are suffering because I'm such a lazy bastard that I never call anyone.
I was invited to do things today, but had to give the excuse of no way home. (It was true, I had to wait for the bus!)
How I wish I could have gone...

I think I want to redesign my room, and attempt some kind of feng shui. I want to dye my hair
again too, either blue or red, something fun and vibrant. Then again, that might destroy my hair. D:

Also, I'm uploading music, and Adrijan will put it on his blog. I'm so proud I've actually done something! :D

~Monssieur Cherry xoxoxoxo

8th-Feb-2010 09:32 pm(no subject)
le chat, mignon

I was walking through the malls with my friends, and everything just seemed beautiful and perfect.
The smells from the shops, and the vendors, and the beeping arcades with
children running around... I felt so happy and free with the bright noises and loud
pop music. But I felt too bad I was out with friends having fun, and Adrijan was home by himself,
weak from being ill. And he can't come and play with me at the mall
and my friends. I love you, Adrijan!!

I also thought at lunch, and all through my last few classes. I was very nervous,
and people seemed to act strange, and say odd things to me because
their friends weren't there. I was not frightening today, I guess,
and people came to ask me questions. But you could say I was really very happy.

And all through my language classes, I realized I was in love. I tried to tell myself otherwise,
and convince myself, he doesn't care for you. Not like that.
But every time I tell myself, he does something that gives me hope.
I don't want hope, I'm happy with Adrijan. What can I do!?

Why am I thinking these thoughts?

Nikko had invited me to coffee again. So I decided to go,
and get all these boys off my mind that I really like.
Thankfully the smell of burning coffee and Nikko's cheap cologne
cleared my mind and I was able not to think, until I'll see him tomorrow...

Monssieur Cherry xoxoxo

Welcome to my eternity.
2nd-Feb-2010 08:40 pm - EPIPHANY
 As I was sitting in the doctor's office, I turned on my iPod and began to drift off into my 
own imagination. Suddenly, Porcelain started playing, and an odd chill surrounded me, 
gripping me by the shoulders and caressing my cheek. I looked around, realized I was
completely alone in the lobby and there were no doors open to source the sudden draft.. Returning back to my haze,
I began subconsciously thinking, and I had an epiphany. I opened my eyes once more,
and turned to look out the door, and for some reason, things seemed clearer.
In the car, I slipped on a pair of sunglasses and rolled down my window, suddenly
feeling like I didn't care about a thing in the world. I was constantly smiling on the inside,
I felt completely relaxed and at ease. 

And then, I came home... I stepped in the door, and things felt different.
Rude jokes didn't bother me like they had before,
and suddenly, I was able to look at everything and laugh. And soon, I couldn't stop.
So I stood in the doorway and laughed at myself. Laughed 
at the perfect morning I had; laughed at the oddly comforting
wait at the doctor's office; laughed at washing the dishes after supper, and 
the thought of needing to clean my room.

Everything seemed clear. I felt free.
I've been feeling so creative lately, too, and now I look at life
as if it were a long, black corridor, with ceiling lights that blared into your
eyes, trying to blind you and sway you from your path.
But at the same time, those lights guide you, lighting only the straight line ahead of you,
and blazing in the darkness so you could never get lost...

Television seemed like a joke. 
I hadn't finished my homework, but laughed at that too.
And finished it a half hour before it was due. 
I laughed in English class, because I was proud of myself.
I had done what I had promised myself.
And I felt happy.

I listened intently to my shoes hitting the pavement as I walked. I didn't care where I walked.
I didn't know where I was walking. 
But I kept putting one foot in front of the other, 
I kept moving forward diligently, 
letting the light breeze take me wherever I needed to go. 
But I never deviated from my path.
I knew where I was.
I knew how to get there, and how to turn back.
But I didn't want to.

I'm free.

~Monssieur Cherry xoxoxo
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